Twice the pleasure : A Guide to Double Dildos

Are you ready to double your pleasure and maximize your fun with double dildos? Double-ended dildos offer an exciting way to explore new depths, whether you’re flying solo or with a partner. Do you know what type suits you best, or are you wondering how to use them effectively and safely? From the perfect size and material to versatile positions and safety tips, this guide will walk you through everything you need to make the most of your double-ended dildo experience. Ready to enhance your sex life with twice the excitement? Let’s get started.

Different Types of Double-Ended Dildos and How They Work

Double-ended dildos come in two main shapes: crescent-shaped (or U-shaped) and straight-shaped. Let’s break down how each type works and what they offer.

The crescent-shaped dildo is designed for ease and intimacy between partners. This shape features one smaller end that one partner can wear while the other end is inserted into the vagina. It promotes physical closeness and simultaneous penetration. This type is versatile, catering to both heterosexual and homosexual couples. The design allows for shared experiences, whether through vaginal or anal penetration.

On the other hand, the straight-shaped double-ended dildo offers a lot of flexibility. It’s suitable for various sex positions and different adventures. Users might need to experiment more with this type to find the best angles and depths for their pleasure. The straight shape requires more movement but rewards users with diverse sensations. Whether for solo or partnered play, this type is perfect for those looking to explore new pleasures.

Both types can be used for solo play or with a partner. They provide numerous possibilities for sexual exploration. Men can use the smaller end for double penetration with their partners, or individuals can use one end as a handle while masturbating. The versatility of these toys makes them a great addition to anyone’s sexual repertoire.

How to Use a Double-Sided Dildo

Choosing the perfect double dildo is the first step. To use it effectively, start by applying a generous amount of water-based lubricant to both ends. This ensures smooth and comfortable penetration. For solo play, find a comfortable position that allows easy access to both ends. Experiment with different angles and depths to discover what feels best.

If using a double penetration dildo, insert the longer end first, usually the vaginal dildo, then the anal dildo. Double penetration can be highly erotic, but it requires a slow and careful approach. Establish a rhythm that feels comfortable. Communication with your partner(s) is key to maximizing pleasure and intimacy.

After use, clean the double dildo thoroughly with mild soap and water or a toy cleaner. Store it in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Proper care ensures that your double dildo will provide countless hours of pleasure.

Precautions and Tips for Double-Ended Dildo Use

Avoid sharing ends to prevent cross-contamination. Each partner should stick to their designated end. This simple practice maintains hygiene and reduces the risk of infections.

During anal play, ensure that any lube used for the bum doesn’t drip down to the vagina to prevent bacterial infections. Using separate lubes and maintaining cleanliness helps mitigate this risk.

Preparation is vital. Performing enemas before any anal play ensures cleanliness. Taking the time to warm up the body can prevent discomfort and enhance the experience. These steps make the use of double-ended dildos safe and enjoyable.

What Factors Should You Consider When Choosing Double Dildos?

After understanding the types and uses of double-ended dildos, it’s essential to consider various factors when choosing the right one for you.

Size and Shape

Size is a critical factor when choosing a double dildo. It includes both the insertable length and girth. If you’re planning on partner play, select a girth that feels comfortable and pleasurable for both participants. Think about the last penetrative dildo or penis you enjoyed—use that as a guide. Longer lengths can ensure deeper penetration for both partners, which might be more satisfying. For solo play, focus on what fullness and penetration you desire, but be cautious of choosing a girth that’s too large to handle comfortably.


The material of a double dildo is incredibly important. Double dildos come in various materials like silicone, latex, rubber, PVC, jelly, glass, and metal. Silicone is a favorite because it’s flexible, waterproof, soft, and easy to clean. Latex, rubber, and PVC are bendable yet firm, offering a realistic feel but needing thorough cleaning due to their porous nature. Glass and metal dildos are rigid, smooth, non-porous, and great for temperature play, though they don’t feel as realistic. Each material has its pros and cons, affecting the usability and maintenance of the dildo.

Texture and Design

Texture and design features can greatly enhance stimulation. Some double dildos come with ribbing, ridges, or bulges along the shafts, providing extra sensation and friction. Others may have curved or angled shapes to target specific erogenous zones like the G-spot or prostate. Realistic double dildos mimic the look and feel of a real penis, often featuring lifelike details such as veins, ridges, and a pronounced head on both ends. This can offer a more immersive experience.

Non-realistic double dildos, on the other hand, come in a variety of shapes and designs that stray from the traditional phallic form. These might feature abstract or artistic designs, textured shafts, or unique contours for targeted stimulation. Tailoring these features to your sexual preferences ensures maximum satisfaction.

Flexibility and Versatility

Flexibility and versatility are key when choosing a double dildo. A flexible dildo can adapt to different positions and angles, making it easier to use with a partner or solo. Versatile designs can cater to multiple types of play, whether you’re looking for vaginal, anal, or double penetration options. A flexible dildo can also be more comfortable, reducing the risk of discomfort or injury during use.

Budget and Quality

Budget and quality are significant considerations. Investing in a high-quality double dildo can provide better durability and a safer experience. While budget options exist, they may not offer the same level of comfort or safety. It’s essential to find a balance between cost and quality to ensure you get the most out of your purchase. High-quality materials like medical-grade silicone might cost more but offer better longevity and safety.

By considering these factors, you can select a double dildo that best suits your needs and enhances your sexual pleasure.

How to Use a Double Ended Dildo

Once you’ve chosen the right double dildo, it’s time to learn how to use it effectively for maximum pleasure.

How you use your double-ended dildo depends on whether you’re on a solo quest or sharing the fun with a partner. For solo play, a flexible double-ended dildo is ideal. They might feel wobbly initially, but with some bending and twisting, they’ll become firmer. This allows you to use both ends vaginally and anally. If it’s your first time with anal toys, opt for one with a slimmer end for easier penetration.

The Basics

Anna Lee, a sex toy expert at Lovehoney, explains that a double-ended dildo is a long shaft of smooth, sturdy rubber with a molded head at either end for penetration. According to Anna, beginners might want to start with a basic silicone double dildo. It’s flexible and can be bent to fit comfortably.

Get into Position

There are two main ways to use your double dildo, but many variations exist. One method is lying on your back with a cushion under your hips and spreading your legs comfortably. Insert one end of the dildo slowly, then bend the other end to use as a handle to guide the thrust.

Another method is bending the dildo into a ‘U’ shape and resting it against a surface with each end facing upwards. Squat over it and gently guide one head into the anus and the other into the vagina. This position allows for full, fulfilling double penetration.

All Fours

Kneeling on all fours is another option. Both partners can back onto each end of the double dildo one at a time. This position allows each person to take the dildo at their own pace, making the experience more comfortable and enjoyable.

Face Off

Sit facing each other and bring yourself onto your hands and feet in a semi ‘crab’ position. Slide the double dildo between you and insert it slowly. By intertwining your legs, you can both enjoy the full length of the dildo while maintaining eye contact.

Add More Toys

If you find it hard to orgasm through penetration alone, try using a bullet, clit, or wand vibrator alongside the double dildo. This will help target vibrations to your or your partner’s clitoris, enhancing the overall experience.

Key Steps and Tips:

  • Solo Play: Choose a flexible dildo for easier handling.
  • Partner Play: Communicate and go at your own pace.
  • Positions: Experiment with lying on your back, all fours, and face-off.
  • Additional Toys: Incorporate vibrators for added stimulation.

Using a double-ended dildo can be a thrilling experience, whether alone or with a partner. Following these tips and experimenting with different positions will ensure you get the most out of your new toy.

How to Use a Double Dildo Effectively

Now that you know the basics of using a double dildo, let’s delve into some advanced techniques for maximizing pleasure.

Apply Lubricant

To ensure a smooth and comfortable experience, use a generous amount of water-based lubricant on both ends of your double dildo. Avoid silicone-based lubricants with silicone toys, as they can cause damage. Opt for organic, high-quality lube free from harmful allergens for the best results.

Choose a Dildo and Set the Mood

If you’re going solo, a flexible double-ended dildo can be more manageable. Initially, it may seem a bit unwieldy, but with some bending and twisting, it becomes much firmer. This allows for both vaginal and anal use. For beginners in anal play, consider a dildo with one slimmer end to make penetration easier.

Get in the Right Position

There are several ways to position yourself with a double dildo. One common method is lying on your back with a pillow or two under your hips. Open your legs gently and insert one end of the dildo, using the other end as a handle to control thrusting.

Another method involves folding the dildo into a ‘U’ shape and placing it on a flat surface. Squat over it and guide one end into the anus and the other into the vagina, allowing for full, satisfying double penetration.

Inserting the Dildo

When inserting the dildo, use plenty of lube and start with a manageable size. Tease the entrance while stimulating the clit with finger pressure or a vibrator. Gradually work the tip in, and slowly insert more each time until it’s fully in. Find a rhythm that brings pleasure, increasing speed gradually.

For easier insertion, use a dildo with a smaller head. Pay attention to the angle of insertion; sometimes, a straight approach might not work. Angling in and down towards the spine, then back towards the belly button, can help. A bit of flex or a curved shape can also be beneficial. Adjust the pelvis angle to avoid discomfort.

Playing with a Partner

Using a stiffer double dildo, such as Doc Johnson’s double-headed dildo, can be great for partner play. Face each other and get into a semi-crab position. Insert the dildo between your legs and slowly slide it in. Thrust forwards and back while maintaining eye contact for a shared, intimate experience.

By following these tips, you can make the most out of your double dildo experience, whether you’re playing solo or with a partner.

Personal Experiences with Double-Ended Dildos

Personal experiences can provide valuable insights and tips for using double-ended dildos. One user shared their experience with the “ass to ass” position, both on all fours. They emphasized the importance of playing beforehand to loosen up and using plenty of lube. The sensation of the warm press of flesh and the rhythm of the movement were described as highly pleasurable.

Another user tried the “bum to bum” position, which is similar to a doggy style position but with both partners’ bums together. They noted that the logistics might be awkward, but the sensation was amazing. They also highlighted the importance of careful positioning and preparation to avoid discomfort.

A user recounted a successful experience where they started with anal play before incorporating the vagina. They mentioned that the vagina might stretch and adjust more quickly, so it’s important to start slowly to avoid hurting the partner’s ass. Warming up and gradually increasing the speed can enhance the overall experience.

Methods for Solo and Partnered Play

Whether you’re playing solo or with a partner, there are various methods to explore with a double-ended dildo. Using a double-ended dildo for solo play can open up a whole new world of pleasure. Experimenting with different positions, angles, and speeds can lead to intense sensations and mind-blowing orgasms.

Playing Alone

If you’re using a double-headed dildo during your masturbation sessions, get one that comes bent into a U-shape or one that is flexible and can be molded into whatever shape you choose. While you can use the long, straight, rigid form of the double-headed dildo in solo scenarios, you are limited to using it like a conventional dildo and piercing only one of your openings at a time.

A U-shaped or flexible dildo allows you to try double penetration and pierce yourself while stimulating other sensitive areas like the clitoris or the head or bottom of the penis. Take some time to get acclimated to your new toy before going all in and ramming the dildo into both of your holes.

A double-headed dildo can be played solo in various positions. You can pierce yourself by lying down on your back or stomach, riding the dildo, getting down on your hands and knees for some doggy action, or even getting active in front of a mirror to witness the two heads thrusting in and out of you. Experimentation is a fantastic choice here; figure out what works best for you by trying out a variety of positions.

How to Have Fun with a Double-Ended Dildo by Yourself

If you’re looking to spice up your solo sessions, a double-ended dildo offers endless possibilities for self-exploration. You can insert one end vaginally while using the other end as a handle or even stimulate both your vagina and anus simultaneously by bending the toy into U-shaped dildos for double penetration.

For those who prefer double penetration, bend the double dong in half and insert both heads vaginally or anally. It’s easy to double the pleasure and experiment with various angles and depths until you find what feels best.

How to Make It Feel the Best and Stay Comfy

Lubrication: Always use plenty of water-based lube when using any sex toy, especially for anal play. This ensures smooth gliding action without causing discomfort due to friction.

Pace Yourself: If this is your first time using a double-ended dildo, start slow and work your way up to more intense sensations. Give yourself time to adjust and explore what feels good.

Experiment: Don’t be afraid to try new positions or techniques. Even experienced users might discover something that takes their pleasure to the next level, as it’s incredibly versatile.

How Can You Stay Safe with a Double-Ended Dildo?

Cleaning and Sanitizing Your Toy: Maintaining proper hygiene is crucial. After each use, ensure the double-ended dildo is cleaned properly using warm water and mild soap or toy cleaner. It’s essential to clean the toy before and after each use to avoid bacteria transmission.

Lubrication Options for Comfort and Pleasure: Water-based lubricants are compatible with most types of materials used in double-ended dildos, making them an excellent choice for most users. Silicone-based lubricants last longer but should not be used with silicone toys as they can damage their surface over time. Oil-based lubricants provide long-lasting slipperiness but are not recommended for use with latex condoms or any sex toys.

Avoiding Injury During Use: Start slow and communicate. If you’re new to using this type of toy, begin with gentle thrusts and listen closely to your body’s signals. Make sure you feel comfortable before increasing the intensity. Select an appropriate size and maintain proper positioning to maximize pleasure and prevent accidental slips.

Best Positions for Using a Double Dildo

Exploring different positions can enhance your experience and provide varied sensations with a double dildo. Let’s dive into some of the best positions to maximize your pleasure.

Missionary for Deeper Penetration and Ease

The missionary position is a classic for a reason. It’s beginner-friendly and allows for deeper penetration. Lie on your back with a cushion under your hips. Spread your legs comfortably and slowly insert one end of the dildo. Bend the other end towards you to use as a handle. This gives you better control and allows you to penetrate deeper. Always prioritize your comfort and avoid forcing the dildo too far in.

Double Penetration Mimics the Feel of a Threesome

For those wanting to experience the sensation of a threesome, double penetration with a dildo can be incredibly rewarding. Use plenty of lubrication, especially for anal penetration. Bend the flexible dildo into a ‘U’ shape and place it on a flat surface. Sit on the dildo, guiding each head into your anus and vagina. This allows for a bouncing motion, delivering mind-blowing penetration.

Thrust & Suck Combines Oral and Vaginal Play

Double-ended dildos also enhance oral play. Gently bend the dildo, positioning one end near your crotch and the other in your mouth. Insert one end into your vagina while using your mouth to play with the other end. Ensure the toy is thoroughly sanitized before placing it in your mouth.

Doggy Style Works for Various Partner Setups

Doggy style with a double dildo is ideal for various configurations. Both partners get on all fours, facing opposite directions. Insert the dildo and coordinate your movements to achieve the desired rhythm. This position puts a fun twist on the classic doggy style, offering a unique experience.

Cowgirl Position Allows Eye Contact and Shared Control

In the cowgirl position, one partner lies on their back while the other straddles their crotch or thigh area. Insert the dildo into both partners’ vaginas and control the thrusting motion. Make eye contact and embrace your desires. This position allows for shared control and deep connection.

Face to Face Offers Intimate and Controlled Thrusting

Face to face is a comfortable and intimate position. Both partners lie down, facing each other. Insert the dildo and use your hips to control the thrusting motion. This position allows for better control and a more intimate experience compared to doggy style.

Attempt the Love Triangle Position for a Challenge

The love triangle position is more challenging and suitable for experienced couples. Both partners lie down with the dildo pointed at their vaginas or anuses. Insert the dildo into each other’s genitals and lift your legs, forming a diamond-like formation. Maintain this position as you move your hips, experimenting with the challenging setup.

Exploring these positions can significantly enhance your experience with a double dildo. Each offers unique sensations and opportunities for deeper connection, whether playing solo or with a partner.

Safety and Hygiene Tips

Ensuring safety and hygiene is crucial for a pleasurable and risk-free experience with double-ended dildos. Proper care and usage can make all the difference.

When using sex toys, safety and hygiene should always be a top priority. This is especially true for double-ended dildos, which are often shared between partners. First and foremost, clean your double-ended dildo before and after each use. This can be done with warm water and mild soap, or with a sex toy cleaner specifically designed for dildos.

Additionally, make sure that the material of your double-ended dildo is body-safe. Look for dildos made from non-porous materials such as silicone, glass, or stainless steel. These materials are easy to clean and less likely to harbor bacteria. Another safety tip is to always use a condom when sharing your double-ended dildo with a partner. This not only helps to prevent the spread of STIs but also makes cleaning up much easier.

Lastly, inspect your double-ended dildo before each use. Look for any cracks, tears, or other signs of wear and tear. If you notice any damage, it’s best to replace the dildo to avoid potential injuries.

How Can You Prevent a Double Dildo from Going Too Deep?

One concern about using double dildos is the risk of thrusting the dildo too far into the other person, which could cause pain. To avoid this, consider using curved double dildos. These are favored by some because they don’t go too far in and are very pleasurable for both partners.

How to Clean and Store a Double Dildo?

Cleaning your dildo is essential for maintaining hygiene. Wash it with warm water and mild soap, or opt for a specialized sex toy cleaner for added convenience. Proper cleaning ensures that your toy remains safe and ready for use whenever you need it.

For storage, keep your toy in a satin pouch to protect it from dust and dirt. This ensures a longer lifespan for your double dildo and keeps it in pristine condition for your next use.

Why Is It Important to Use Safe Materials for Sex Toys?

Karen expressed concerns about the safety of their current dildos, noting that there should be more regulations in the industry. Jennifer confirmed that the first linked product is made of TPE, which is porous and can leach harmful chemicals, causing irritation or long-term health issues.

Jennifer emphasized that silicone is the safest, flexible, and non-porous material available for sex toys. This is especially important for anal use due to the highly absorptive nature of the rectal lining. Silicone is a risk-free choice in terms of health.

Jennifer further highlighted that some brands falsely market toys as silicone when they are not. She suggested a flame test to verify the material’s authenticity and stressed the importance of choosing reputable brands to avoid potentially harmful materials and ensure quality.


To address common concerns and questions, here are some frequently asked questions about double-ended dildos.

Are There Double Dildos Good for Beginners?

Yes, there are double dildos specifically designed for beginners. These feature smaller sizes, smoother textures, and more straightforward designs. Such dildos are ideal for individuals or couples just starting with penetration or exploring double dildo play for the first time.

Can a Double Dildo Be Used for Anal Play?

Yes, some double dildos are suitable for anal play. Ensure the dildo has a flared base or handle for safe anal use. Use plenty of lubricant to reduce friction and discomfort.

How Should I Store My Double Dildo When It’s Not in Use?

Store your double dildo in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures. Consider using a storage bag or container to keep it clean and protected from dust and other contaminants. Ensure it is stored separately from other toys to prevent damage or degradation of materials.

Are There Extras to Make Using a Double Dildo More Fun?

The “BumpHer” stimulator can enhance your experience by providing additional clitoral/vulva stimulation for the wearer. This toy fits around the base of the dildo or can be attached inside a harness. Strapless strap-ons, like the Feeldoe, require no harness and can provide more natural movement. These are designed to stimulate the G-spot of the wearer while delivering pleasurable penetration to the partner, offering dual benefits without the need for a harness.

Toy Suggestions

To help you choose the best double-ended dildo, here are some highly recommended options.

One user, Kathleen, highly recommended the NEXUS double-ended dildo. According to her, this toy stands out for its quality and performance. For more information, you can find detailed reviews and specifications online.

Another user, Nicole, advised against using dildos that are not made of silicone. Non-silicone toys can harbor bacteria and other nasties due to their porous nature. Therefore, opting for silicone toys is a safer choice to ensure hygiene and durability.

Paul shared his experience with a long, flexible double-ended dildo. He mentioned that this type allowed both partners to enjoy anal play while engaging in vaginal sex. Though the logistics can be challenging, he noted that the sensation and mutual enjoyment were well worth the effort.