Double-Ended Dildos to Fulfill Your Deepest Sexual Cravings

Looking to spice up your sex life with something exciting and versatile? Double-ended dildos might be just what you need. These toys are designed to cater to various sexual preferences, offering everything from varying lengths and textures to different vibration modes. But with so many options out there, how do you decide which one’s right for you? Do you need something easy to clean and waterproof for those steamy showers? Or perhaps a toy with strong vibrations that can be remotely controlled? Let’s delve into what makes these toys unique and find the best fit for your deepest sexual cravings.

Vibrating Double Ended Dildo for Lesbian Sex Toys – 15.7 Inches Realistic Strapless G Spot Dildos Wireless Silicone Fake Penis with 10 Vibration for Couple Anal Play Adult Toys & Games

Long with Dual Motors

Indulge in sensational pleasure with the Vibrating Double Ended Dildo, designed for lesbian couples. At 15.7 inches, it offers flexibility for various play angles. One side is thicker (1.6 inches), and the other is slightly smaller (1.4 inches), catering to different stimulation needs. The dual motors provide ten vibration modes, ensuring each partner can enjoy their preferred intensity. One user noted, “The different circumferences were a plus,” with the thicker end being great for the front and the thinner for the rear. Another reviewer was thrilled about the dual motors and their separate controls. However, some users mentioned the toy does not bend in half as advertised.

USB Rechargeable with Wireless Remote

USB rechargeability and a wireless remote control enhance its convenience. The IPX6 waterproof design allows for use in the shower or bathtub. A review mentioned that despite a charging issue, the customer service addressed it professionally. Overall, this dildo is praised for its length, flexibility, and powerful vibrations, making it a great addition to any couple’s collection.

Double-Ended Vibrating G-spot Dildo Vibrator – Adorime 14.8 Inch Realistic Strapless Wireless Silicone Massager for Women Lesbian Gay Orgasm, Rechargeable Fake Penis Adult Sex Toys with 7 Vibrations

Two Motors with Seven Vibration Modes

The Adorime dildo vibrator, at 14.8 inches, is a robust toy designed for intense pleasure. It features two motors and seven vibration modes, offering various experiences from subtle pulsations to intense stimulation. Made from flexible silicone, it ensures comfort during use. One user described it as “HEAVY” and noted the powerful vibrations that can alternate between ends. Another praised its discreet packaging and strong vibrations, calling it a “must-have.” Despite some reviewers finding it slightly thick for comfort, the overall feedback is overwhelmingly positive.

USB Rechargeable

This dildo is USB rechargeable and can be charged via phone charger, computer, or power bank. It offers up to an hour of use per charge. The IPX7 waterproof design makes it suitable for bathtub fun, and the wireless remote control adds to its versatility. If you’re looking for a powerful, versatile toy, the Adorime is a solid choice.

Strapless Strap On G Spot Dildo Vibrator-Sex Toys for Clit Stimulator with 10 Vibrating & Flapping Modes, Silicone & Waterproof Double-Ended Dildo Female Adult Sex Toy for Women & Lesbian Pleasure

Ten Vibration and Slapping Modes

The Strapless Strap On G Spot Dildo Vibrator offers a unique experience with its four powerful motors, ten vibration modes, and ten slapping modes. Its ergonomic design targets the clitoris perfectly, providing a massage-like sensation that enhances masturbation and shared play. One user exclaimed, “This adult toy is of my God!!!” highlighting the intense vibrations that nearly made it jump out of their hands. Another reviewer appreciated its waterproof feature, making it easy to clean and perfect for bathtub fun.

Comes with a Remote Control

The toy comes with a remote control, allowing you or your partner to switch modes easily. With IPX6 waterproof certification and magnetic charging, it provides up to 60 minutes of use on the strongest setting. This toy is a versatile addition to any collection, offering both solo and partnered pleasure.

13.4 * 1.5 Inches Double Dildo Crystal Jelly Realistic Anal Long Dildo Penis Soft and Flexible with Veins and Glans Adult Sex Toys for Women/Men/Lesbian Purple

Realistic and Flexible

This 13.4-inch double-ended dildo is made of TPE, offering a soft, flexible texture with realistic veins and glans. It’s designed for both vaginal and anal penetration, providing more stimulation during play. One review noted its bendability and smooth texture, making it ideal for “throat training.” Another user praised its firmness, stating it was “just the right amount of firmness to be used safely.” The dildo’s flexibility and realistic feel make it a popular choice.

Easy to Clean and Discreet

It’s waterproof and easy to clean, simply immerse it in warm water and pat dry. The product comes in discreet packaging, ensuring privacy. If you’re looking for an affordable, versatile dildo, this one is worth considering.

Realistic Double-Ended Dildo G-Spot Stimulation – 7 Inch Silicone Flexible Dildo with Flared Suction Cup for Hands-Free Play, with Curved Shaft for Vaginal Anal Orgasmic Adult Sex Toys for Women Men

Compact and Colorful

This 7-inch double-ended dildo features colorful floating pieces in a transparent silicone body. It’s designed for simultaneous vaginal and anal play with a strong suction cup base for hands-free enjoyment. The curved shaft targets the G-spot for enhanced pleasure. One user called it “sooo pretty,” appreciating its texture and the colorful pieces inside. Another reviewer highlighted the suction cup’s effectiveness, making it easy to use in various positions. The toy’s compact size and visual appeal make it a standout.

Easy to Clean

The silicone dildo is odorless, soft, and easy to clean. Its discreet packaging ensures privacy, making it a convenient and visually appealing option for those looking to add some color to their sex life.

Double Ended Dildo, 17 in Super Long Double Dong, Flexible Realistic Double-Sided Dildo Penis, Sex Toys for Couple Men Women Lesbian Gay Play/Black, 1.0 Count

Flexible and Girthy

Roxie says it’s “flexible and girthy,” making it perfect for those who want to explore various ways to use it. With a 17-inch length and 1.3-inch diameter, this double-ended dildo offers plenty of room for experimentation. Its dual-ended design is ideal for solo play or sharing with a partner. Made from soft and flexible TPE, it’s both safe and odorless, though you’ll want to avoid silicone-based lubricants to keep it in top shape.


One user, A, mentioned an odd issue where the dildo “melted in contact with other toys,” even when stored in a cold room. This could be a rare occurrence, but it’s something to keep in mind if you have a collection. The realistic veins and head add to the authenticity, while the waterproof feature makes cleaning easy.

Glass Dildo, Crystal Double-Ended Penis Pleasure Wand with Spiral Texture and Vivid Glans Anal Butt Plug for G-spot Stimulation

Spiral Texture Design

Elysium found this glass dildo to be “perfect for the big G,” highlighting its well-sculpted design and spiral texture. Made from body-safe glass, it offers a smooth, crack-free experience. One end features a vivid glans for a realistic feel, while the other has a spiral texture for added stimulation.

Temperature Play Friendly Material

The glass material is hypoallergenic and easy to clean, and it can be heated or cooled for temperature play. Just be careful with ceramic tile floors, as Lars Theoderik noted the risk of breaking it.

Strap on Harness Dildo Sex Toys – Wearable G Spot Vibrator Adult Toy with Remote Control, 10 Modes Double Ended Dildo Lesbian Womens Sex Toy, Finger Design Adult Sex Toys & Games for Women

Detachable and Versatile

TB found this strap-on dildo to be “well worth the price,” enjoying its versatility for both solo and couples play. The detachable design allows it to transition between a double dildo and a regular vibrator, making it perfect for various scenarios. With 10 strong vibration modes and a remote control, it’s easy to find the right setting for you.

Strong but Quiet

Kat Carden appreciated the “strong but quiet vibes,” making it discreet enough for public use. The liquid silicone material is body-safe and waterproof, ensuring both comfort and durability. The magnetic USB charging and long battery life add to its convenience.

Remote Control G-spot Clitoral Vibrator – Wearable APP Control Vibrating Pantie Massager with 10 Classic Vibration Modes, Adult Anal Sex Toys Silicone Dildo Vagina Clit Stimulator for Women Couple

Strong Vibrations and Wearable

Bods found this vibrator to be a “great little toy,” praising its strong vibrations and easy wearability. Designed for both G-spot and clitoral stimulation, it fits snugly in your pantie for discreet pleasure. Anthony Reyes called it “a game-changer for intimate pleasure,” highlighting its sleek design and range of vibration patterns. The Bluetooth remote and long-distance app control make it versatile for both solo and partner play.

Comes with a Remote and Rechargeable

The Bluetooth remote and long-distance app control make it versatile for both solo and partner play. Anthony Reyes called it “a game-changer for intimate pleasure,” highlighting its sleek design and range of vibration patterns. The waterproof feature makes cleaning easy, and the USB rechargeable battery ensures long-lasting use.

7 Inch Realistic Ultra-Soft Double-Ended Dildo for Beginners with Flared Suction Cup Base for Hands-Free Play, Flexible Dildo with Curved Shaft for Vaginal G-spot and Anal Play (Black)


Stephanie enjoyed this toy, saying it’s “fun to play with.” With a 7-inch length and a lifelike texture, it’s designed to fill you up in both the front and back. The TPE material is body-safe and odorless, making it a great option for beginners.


Pamela Smith was “disappointed” due to its smaller size and softness, finding it difficult to use. However, the strong suction cup allows for hands-free play, sticking to various surfaces like walls and floors.

Best wedding gag gift ever!

Bekah Hernandez found it to be the “best wedding gag gift ever,” even using it to pull a dent out of a car door. This highlights its strong suction and durability, though not everyone will appreciate its smaller size.

Double-Ended Realistic Dildo, Strapless Strap-On G-Spot Dildo for Lesbian

Body-safe and flexible

The Double-Ended Realistic Dildo is a flexible, body-safe TPE wonder priced at $19.99. With a 4.4 out of 5 rating from 30 users, it’s clear that this toy makes its mark. Shae, one user, shared, “I thought it might be flimsy, but this lil fella packs a punch.” This product is designed with a double-ended feature, fitting different sizes at both ends for varied pleasure. The small end is 1.4 inches, while the large end is 1.6 inches in diameter, catering to both vaginal and anal play.

Easy to clean and waterproof

Cleaning is a breeze; just use warm soapy water or a toy cleaner. Its waterproof nature makes it perfect for steamy shower sessions. Damage Deliveries and their wife both found it “the perfect size” and praised how well it hit the right spots. Another user, Herbert L. Coleman, Ph.D., found the design “fun and fascinating,” although there were concerns about its stability during vigorous use. However, Katsum loved its strapless feature, calling it comfortable and dual-pleasurable.

Glass Double-Ended Dildo 8.46 Inch Clear G-Spot Dildo Pleasure Wand

Ergonomic design and temperature play

Priced at $9.99, the Glass Double-Ended Dildo stands out with its clear, sleek design. It has a 4 out of 5 rating, with one user sharing, “No. We don’t do ass play every session, but we do it often. Best orgasms for him.” This toy features a single bead on one end for easy insertion and four beads on the other for intense stimulation, making it suitable for both beginners and advanced players. Its ergonomic curve ensures it reaches all the right spots.

Suitable for all and discreet packaging

The glass material makes it perfect for temperature play, adding a thrilling contrast of sensations. Whether you’re a man, woman, lesbian, or gay, this versatile wand caters to everyone. The product arrives in discreet packaging, ensuring your privacy. The quality construction is praised by users who value durability and reliability in their toys, making this a long-lasting addition to your collection.

Lifelike Dildo Double Dong Big Penis for Women

Realistic and flexible

For $8.98, the Lifelike Dildo Double Dong offers a 3.3 out of 5-star experience. Made from smooth, body-safe TPE, this double-sided dildo provides a realistic feel with its lifelike heads and veined shaft. One user, BellaCyka, found it “too small” but hoped the raccoons would get better use of it. Another user, Brown-Youngwater, simply stated it was “comfortable.”

Waterproof and easy to clean

This toy is waterproof, making it great for bath or shower play. Cleaning is simple; just wash with warm water and soap. The flexible material allows for various uses, whether for solo play or with a partner. Although some found the size misleading, its flexibility and realistic design still make it a worthwhile option for many.

Vibrators Wand Dildo for Women-G Spot Vibrator Clitoral Stimulator

Innovative and powerful

At $21.99, the Vibrators Wand Dildo boasts a 4.4 out of 5 rating with 88 reviews. This double-ended stimulator combines a wand vibrator and a rabbit vibrator, offering 10×3 powerful vibration modes. Akilah Murphy praised it as “one of the best wands,” highlighting its strong battery life and easy charging.

Versatile and luxurious

Melinda Beschen called it “amazing,” noting its high vibrations and sturdy design. This toy is perfect for stimulating the A and G spots while the rabbit ears tease the clitoris. Liyah appreciated its entertainment value, saying it’s like having three toys in one. The USB rechargeable feature and waterproof design make it convenient and versatile. Gabbs even referred to it as their “new best friend,” emphasizing its power and ease of use.

FST 18.1 inch Super Long Double Ended Dildo Vaginal Anal Play

Extra-large and flexible

For $29.29, the FST 18.1 inch Super Long Double Ended Dildo offers an impressive 18.1 inches of flexible, realistic fun. It has a 4.1 out of 5 rating from 101 reviewers. Donnie found it “perfect with the right size,” noting its flexibility and girth. The PVC material is non-toxic and body-safe, ensuring safe play.

Realistic design and discreet packaging

This dildo’s double-head design allows for simultaneous vaginal and anal insertion, catering to various preferences. Lintlicker praised its “very good quality and durability,” while MsMeemo had concerns about the packaging. However, James Priest highlighted its “big, thick, and amazing” feel, making it a versatile toy for many.

Double Ended Dildo Lesbian Sex Toys for Couples, 15.3 Inch Double Dildo Realistic Long Silicone Dildos for Women and Men, Waterproof Double Sided Dildo Adult Sex Toys & Games for G-spot and Anal Play

High quality for the price

This 15.3-inch double-ended dildo, priced at $21.99, has earned its place among couples, both straight and lesbian, for its versatility. Made from soft silicone, it offers a realistic feel. One user mentioned, “Honestly it’s the best quality double-ended toy I’ve found on the market,” highlighting its affordability and realistic design.

Great deal overall

The product boasts a 4.1 out of 5 rating from 416 reviews, with many praising its high quality. G.P., a verified buyer, appreciated its discreet shipping and noted, “The toy is not too firm and not too soft.” Another user, NOLAN, simply stated, “This is a great toy to have fun with it I will recommend people to get it.”

Discreet shipping

Tre, another satisfied customer, said, “The price makes this toy a huge steal.” They appreciated the packaging’s discreet nature and the toy’s weight, which added to its realistic feel. However, some buyers like Alex noted issues with product damage upon delivery, which was promptly addressed with returns.

100CM(39 inch) Dildo Flexible Dong Anal Dildo Black

Exactly as described

This 39-inch black dildo, available for $15.89, stands out with its non-phthalate PVC material, making it extra soft and flexible. Eryn Trelyse confirmed, “I got what I thought I was ordering. Item fits given description.”

Good for deep play

With a 4 out of 5-star rating, users have mixed feelings about its size and flexibility. Up syndrome found it challenging to insert more than 14 inches but appreciated its smoothness. Another user, , shared their experience, saying, “Perfect for everyday. I love this product and recommend it.”

Perfect weight

One user, celeste drake, expressed excitement, saying, “It’s awesome to feel it snaking through your insides…very much enjoy it.” However, some, like J, found the initial plastic smell off-putting, requiring weeks of soaking to eliminate the odor.

Double Anal Dildo Anal Toy, 7.9” Fantasy Dildo Realistic Dildos Strong Suction Cup Dildo for Hands-Free Play, Silicone Dildos Sex Toy Compatible with Strap on Dildo Harness (Purple)

Amazing size

Priced at $19.99, this 7.9-inch purple double anal dildo offers strong suction and flexibility. Destyni noted, “This fit perfect on my machine. Not too big and not too small.” With a 3.8 out of 5 rating, users appreciate its size and firmness.

Strong suction cup

Jessica highlighted the product’s versatility, saying, “It has a very strong suction cup so you can take it a lot of different places.” Another user, David, praised its design and color, stating, “Amazing toy! Easy to clean! Beautiful color and feel!”

Special gift for her or him

Despite the positive reviews, some users like Heaven were disappointed with the smell, even after cleaning. However, others like Chelseafun found it “Thick, sturdy, strong suction cup! And soooo much fun!”

Double-Ended Dildo Waterproof Jelly Double Dongs Realistic Dildo Penis Cock Anal Butt Plug Prostate Massager G-Spot Stimulation Adult Sex Toys for Women Men

Nice product

For $12.99, this purple, jelly double-ended dildo offers flexibility and realism. Frank appreciated its design, saying, “Nice product but be certain to check length before buying.” With a 3 out of 5 rating, users have mixed feelings about its size and effectiveness.

Not worth the money

Kindle Customer was disappointed, stating, “It came and was super small… photos are very misleading.” However, Jessica found it useful for foreplay, noting, “It’s flexible enough, and is easy to play with.”

Great for foreplay

Jordan found it ideal for beginners, saying, “This thing is nice it’s great for starting out.” Despite some issues with size and durability, many users appreciate its functionality and affordability.

Sex Factory Liquid Silicone Double Ended Dildo Large Real Dildo G Spot Double Ended Dildo Bendable Fetish Gay Lesbian Available

Way bigger than the pics

At $29.99, this double-ended dildo in a red and blue mix offers a realistic experience with its concave-convex thread design. AWilliams noted, “Toy is way bigger than I imagined… and pretty floppy… very fun though.”

Bit too firm

With a 4.7 out of 5 rating, users like Try it twice found it slightly too firm but appreciated its lack of odor. Miguel bernacet shared a positive experience, saying, “Got this for my wife… we had fun the same night we got it too.”

Healthy and safe silicone material

The product’s silicone material ensures safety and durability. Its 14.17-inch length and 1.77-inch diameter make it suitable for shared use, providing satisfaction and excitement for users.

17.3 Inch Double Ended Realistic Dildo Flexible Dildos for Lesbian, Anal G-spot Stimulator Long Dildo Penis Soft and Flexible with Veins and Glans Adult Sex Toys for Women Men Couple

Size and flexibility make it versatile

The 17.3-inch double-ended dildo by MKPJOY is the ultimate toy for those looking to explore new levels of pleasure. Its impressive length allows for various uses, from deep vaginal self-pleasure to thrilling vagina-to-vagina games. The flexible material ensures each partner finds their rhythm, making it a must-have for couples and lesbians.

Realistic textures enhance the experience

With a lifelike design featuring veins and glans, this dildo is crafted to provide the most realistic experience possible. One user shared, “I had to use a smaller dildo before I could try to fit this big boy in, but when I did, it was very pleasurable.” The silicone material is easy to clean, ensuring hygiene is never compromised.

Strong suction and discreet packaging

The robust suction cup sticks to smooth surfaces like shower walls or toilet lids, making solo play more convenient. Reviews highlight the strong suction, with one user noting, “I’ve used it on my toilet lid, my headboard, and in the shower.” The product also comes in discreet packaging, ensuring your privacy is protected.

Double-Ended Dildo G-spot Massage Anal Plug Stimulate Wand Fetish Dildo Solid Metal Curved Dual Ended Masturbation Sex Toy for Couple Romi

Weight and material enhance sensations

This solid zinc alloy dildo by Romi offers a unique blend of weight and texture, making it a favorite among users. The 19.04 oz weight adds to the overall performance, providing intense sensations during use. One reviewer mentioned, “From a hetero male’s perspective, this thing is awesome.”

Curved design hits the right spots

The curved shaft design makes it easier to reach those sweet spots, giving your arm a break. The dual round ends of different sizes open up endless possibilities for pleasure. A user raved, “The larger end can be used intra-vaginally for some really good sensations.”

Easy to clean and versatile use

Being waterproof and non-porous, this dildo is easy to clean and can be sterilized by any method. One user pointed out, “You can give your lover extra stimulation while taking a shower.” This toy’s versatility and ease of cleaning make it a reliable addition to your collection.

Monster Double-Ended Dildo, 10.8 inch Huge Tentacle Realistic Dildo Silicone Big Anal Dildo with Strong Suction Cup, Tongue G-spot Dildo Lifelike Fake Penis Adult Sex Toys for Women

Unique design for dual stimulation

The Monster Double-Ended Dildo by Shkanla is designed with a tongue and tentacle, allowing for simultaneous vaginal and anal play. This unique design provides double the sexual stimulation and is perfect for those looking to explore new sensations. One user shared, “The dual side is a very fun twist on things.”

Custom-made for a unique experience

Each dildo is handcrafted by mixing two colors of silicone, making every piece unique. This ensures that no two dildos are exactly alike, offering a one-of-a-kind experience. A reviewer appreciated this feature, saying, “Every dragon dildo you received is different from others.”

Strong suction cup for versatile play

This dildo’s strong suction cup can be firmly attached to smooth surfaces like chairs, tables, and shower walls, making it versatile for different scenarios. One user noted, “The suction cup is leaps and bounds better than most and works better than you expect.”

17 In Lover Luxe Double-Ended Dildo Waterproof Jelly Double Dongs Realistic Dildo Cock Butt Plug Massager G-Spot Stimulation Orgasmic Adult Sex Toys for Women Men, XL Pink

Extra-large size for intense pleasure

The 17-inch Lover Luxe Double-Ended Dildo offers an extra-large size that can easily reach deep into the vagina or anus, providing intense sexual pleasure. Crafted from body-safe TPE material, it is non-toxic and flexible. One user shared, “First time I tried it myself, I’ve seen my load explode like that.”

Realistic design enhances the experience

This dildo features a realistic shape with raised blood vessels, surface wrinkles, and simulated glans, making it a lifelike encounter. The double-head design allows for multiple play methods, suitable for a wide range of people, including lesbians and couples.

Comparisons with Monster Double-Ended Dildo

While the Monster Double-Ended Dildo offers a unique tongue and tentacle design for dual stimulation, the Lover Luxe focuses on realism and size to deliver intense pleasure. Both offer unique experiences but cater to different preferences, making them excellent additions to any collection.

14.5 Inch Double Ended Dildo, Flesh Double Side Dildo Realistic Penis Double Dong Anal Vaginal Stimulator Adult Sex Toys for Women Lesbians

Impressive length for deep satisfaction

The 14.5-inch double-ended dildo by ReptiLeisure offers an exciting challenge for exploration and pleasure. Its generous size ensures a sensation like no other, making it a favorite for those seeking deeper satisfaction. One user exclaimed, “It’s incredible, and I’m in love.”

Realistic texture and dual stimulation

With a flesh-colored design and a realistic 1.6-inch diameter, this dildo provides an immersive experience. Its dual-ended nature allows for simultaneous anal and vaginal stimulation, opening up endless possibilities for pleasure. A reviewer noted, “Super flexible and soft, even for people new to toys.”

Crafted from high-quality materials

Made from premium TPE materials, this dildo is body-safe and durable, ensuring long-lasting enjoyment. The flexibility and lifelike feel make it suitable for both solo indulgence and shared moments with a partner. One user shared, “By far one of the nicest materials! The silicone is so soft.”

15Inch Double-Sided Realistic Dildo, Lifelike Soft Double Ended Dildo, Dual Headed Anal Dildo Double Header Adult Sex Toy for Women

Fun and variety

“We got one a few weeks ago. The first time we used it we did one end in his ass one the other in my pussy with him. It was pretty great.” This 15-inch double-sided dildo from WEMAY is all about fun and variety. Its lifelike design and soft yet firm texture make it a go-to for many. With a length of 14.96 inches and a 1.57-inch diameter, it’s perfect for those looking to experiment with different kinds of pleasure.

Something to grab onto

“Yeah! They really give you something to grab onto compared to most other models.” The PVC material offers a comfortable grip, and its waterproof nature ensures that cleaning is straightforward. Whether you’re using it solo or with a partner, the dual ends provide a versatile experience, making it a popular choice among users.

Can never have too many

“When it comes to sex toys variety is fun and you can never have too many.” This double-header is a great addition to any collection. The affordable price of $20.99, along with the 9% savings, makes it a budget-friendly option for those looking to spice up their sex life.

16.9 * 1.4 inches Double Dildo Crystal Jelly Realistic Anal Long Dildo Penis Soft and Flexible with Veins and Glans Adult Sex Toys for Women/Men/Lesbian

Realistic and great for playtime

“Awesome for play time.” This 16.9-inch double-ended dildo from Seiecft is made from TPE, which is safe, odorless, and skin-friendly. Its clear, flexible design with realistic veins and glans offers a heightened experience that many users find thrilling.

Fits and slides in nicely

“Very nice, I’m excited to use this with my partner, I just tried it out on the bigger end and it fits and slides in nicely.” The flexibility and length of this dildo make it suitable for both vaginal and anal play. Its ability to bear extreme temperatures (-13°F to 356°F) means you can use it in various settings, even a hot and steamy shower.

Cost reflected in material

“However I’ve only used it twice so far and despite carefully cleaning it each time there’s already some permanent discoloring.” While its affordability at $13.99 is a plus, some users wish it were made of higher quality materials like silicone. The TPE material can be sticky, making it challenging to keep clean.

Double Ended Dildo Realistic Dog Dildo with Knot, 12inch Long Silicone Dual Dildos Anal Plug Adult Toys for Women Couples and Men Gay

Unique design and color

“Every long dual sided wolf dildo with knot.” This 12-inch double-ended dildo by HANXUEBER stands out with its unique craft color design. The blue and pink colors are artificially mixed, ensuring no color fading, making it as visually appealing as it is functional.

Flexible and safe

“The dragon double dildo is flexible enough to be bent in half, and it’s also firm enough to play in couple.” Made from premium liquid silicone, it’s safe even for sensitive areas. Its waterproof feature makes cleaning easy, and it comes in a confidential package for discreet delivery.

Mixed feelings about material

“Product says it is silicone in product description, however the box says it’s made of soft rubber (silicone or PCV).” While some users have concerns about the material, the seller has assured that it’s indeed made of silicone. This dildo is a great addition for those looking to explore their fantasies.

17.7 Inch Double Ended Dildo, Realistic Penis and Beads Flexible Double Dong Adult Sex Toys for Lesbian

Fun and flexible

“At first I thought this type of toy was meant for a certain lifestyle but decided to try it with my mate.” This 17.7-inch double-ended dildo from ReptiLeisure is designed for versatility. Made from safe TPE material, it offers both realistic penis and beads for simultaneous stimulation of the vagina and anus.

Easy to clean and store

“It’s easy to clean and since it bends in half it doesn’t take up much space when stored away.” Its soft, flexible design and waterproof feature make it easy to clean. Simply immerse it in warm water, rinse, and pat dry.

Double the fun

“My girlfriend and I had so much fun with this toy.” The 1.3-inch diameter and 4.3-inch girth provide various stimulation possibilities. It’s perfect for those looking to explore new experiences and add some excitement to their sex life.

Large Double-Ended Dildo Realistic Penis G-spot Massage Anal Plug with Suction Cup Vaginal Anal Stimulate for Lesbian Female Masturbation Sex Factory

Fulfilling texture

“It’s very fulfilling I don’t have a problem with the firmness it’s comfortable for both holes.” This large double-ended dildo from Sex Factory offers double penetration with its realistic details, including raised blood vessels and simulated glans. Made from skin-friendly TPE, it provides a true-to-life experience.

Suction cup feature

“Powerful suction cup can be easily attached on any smooth surface.” The wide round base allows for easy retrieval, and the suction cup feature ensures you can enjoy it anywhere.

A few concerns

“I’ve had it in my adult drawer. It came in good shape. However, I’ve gone into my drawer and found a slick substance.” While many users find it enjoyable, some have reported issues with the TPE material, such as melting and defects in the pour. Despite these concerns, it remains a popular choice for advanced players looking for intense pleasure.

Bead Stainless Steel Double-Ended Dildo Penis Heavy-Duty Prostate Massager, Anal Butt Plug for G-spot Stimulation Sex Toy(C)

Heavy only has a sense of falling

This stainless steel double-ended dildo from VCOOTS is crafted from high-quality 304 metal, making it both durable and elegant. At $44.99, it’s a solid investment for those who appreciate the weight and feel of metal. One user noted that “mixing it up when it comes to sex toys can keep things exciting,” and this heavy-duty dildo certainly delivers on that front. Its unique S-curve design promises deep, satisfying pleasure every time.

And it fits in my butt just fine

Not only is this toy easy to clean due to its pure manual mirror polishing, but it’s also versatile. As one user candidly shared, “it fits in my butt just fine.” For those looking to explore different sensations, this dildo can be heated or cooled with water before use, enhancing the sensory experience. While some may prefer the control of a harness, this double-ended design offers a different kind of thrill.

Double-Ended Dildo 6.5 Inch Small Cute Realistic Dildo Sex Toys for Beginners, Soft Silicone Anal Dildo with Strong Suction Cup, G-spot Dildo Lifelike Fake Penis Anal Adult Toys for Women

Perfect size for beginners

Priced at $15.99, this silicone double-ended dildo from POWNUT is perfect for beginners. With a 6.5-inch length and a strong suction cup, it’s designed for hands-free fun. One user described it as “very soft material and very flexible,” making it ideal for those new to double-ended toys. Another user humorously recalled how their “uncle Tommy Richard got me into this style of dildos,” highlighting the toy’s universal appeal.

Just the right thickness

Its lifelike texture and realistic glans provide a truly authentic experience. Another reviewer mentioned it has “just the right thickness to fit me very well,” which is crucial for comfort and satisfaction. Whether you’re using it solo or with a partner, this dildo is versatile enough to bring excitement to any session. And with discreet packaging, your privacy is always protected.

21.56-inch Long Double-Headed Dildo, Lesbian Double Penetration Realistic Dildo, Body-Safe Material G-spot Anal Stimulation Adult Sex Toys for Gay and Lesbian Couples

Huge toy

This 21.56-inch double-headed dildo from TENREV is for those who crave length and girth. Priced at $20.12, it’s crafted from body-safe materials and offers a realistic experience. However, one user found it “way too uncomfortable” due to its width, noting that it might be better suited for those who enjoy larger toys.

Double pleasure

Another user, however, found it perfect for “double pleasure,” especially when making “2 ladies happy at the same time.” Its flexibility allows for various positions, making it a versatile addition to your collection. The realistic texture and dual heads offer an intense experience, but be mindful of the size if you’re new to such toys.

18.1 inch Super Long Double Ended Dildos Sex Toys Soft and Flexible Double Sided Dildos Penis Double Dong Realistic Dildo Anal Butt Plug for Women Men Couple Waterproof Double Dildo YLMXHFC

Much smaller than described

For $13.99, this 18.1-inch double-ended dildo from YLMXHFC offers a flexible and realistic experience. Made from TPE, it’s soft and can be bent without deformation. However, some users found it “much smaller than described,” which might be a drawback if you’re expecting a larger toy.

Flexible & realistic dildo

Despite the size concerns, its flexibility and realistic texture make it a good choice for both solo and couple play. One user praised its “bright color and decent material,” although they wished there was more of it. If you’re looking for a versatile, budget-friendly option, this dildo could be a fun addition to your sex life.

Double-Ended Vibrating Dildo Ultra Long Anal Butt Plug with 7 Vibration Modes Vibrating Sex Toy for Vaginal Nipple Prostate Stimulation USB Charging Waterproof Anal Trainer for Gay Lesbian Couples

They don’t go too far in

This $23.99 double-ended vibrating dildo from Sexbaby brings a lot to the table. With 7 vibration modes and a USB charging feature, it offers a customizable experience. One user appreciated that “they don’t go too far in and are very pleasurable,” highlighting the importance of design in ensuring comfort and satisfaction.

More firm than squishy

Made from high-quality silicone, this dildo is both soft and skin-friendly. Its ultra-long size allows for various positions, or even shared use. As one user noted, it’s “more firm than squishy,” which might be perfect if you prefer a firmer sensation. Whether you’re exploring solo or with a partner, this toy offers a range of possibilities for heightened pleasure.

WEMAY 14.96 Inch Double Sided Dildo Huge Long Double Headed Dildos with Handle Realistic Flexible Double Ended Adult Sex Toy

Pulled up to the sword fight with this

The WEMAY 14.96 Inch Double Sided Dildo is a unique toy shaped like a sword. One user amusingly shared, “pulled up to the sword fight with this bad boy and won.” It’s not just a toy; it’s a fun addition to your collection. This double-headed dildo, priced at $21.99, is made of PVC material and boasts a soft yet firm texture.

This bad boy helped my grandma out

Another review highlighted its impact on personal life: “This bad boy really helped my grandma out after my grandpa died.” It’s a testament to its versatility and effectiveness. The double-ended dildo is waterproof, making it suitable for adventurous showers or baths.

Good product, but not realistic

While some users praised its functionality, others had mixed feelings. Thomas Munley said, “Product not as described,” pointing out that it might not meet everyone’s expectations of realism. However, the overall rating of 3.9 out of 5 suggests it satisfies many users.

14 Inches Double Ended Dildo with Vibrator, Realistic Penis and Beads Vibrating Double Dong Adult Sex Toys for Women Lesbian Couple

Perfect for duo fun with your gf

Priced at $21.99, this purple double-ended dildo offers a unique combination of a realistic penis and beads. Elizabeth Graham shared her positive experience, saying, “Perfect for duo fun with your gf. Very flexible and easy to clean.” It’s designed for those seeking dual penetration, providing intense stimulation.

So much fun with the device in the center

Jessie Newby mentioned that the device in the center adds to the fun: “The device in the center makes this so much more fun!” Made from body-safe TPE, this toy is soft and waterproof, ensuring easy cleaning and maintenance. The extra-long length of 14 inches provides versatility for both vaginal and anal play.

Discreet packaging ensures privacy

The product also comes in discreet packaging, so you don’t have to worry about prying eyes. It’s perfect for solo play or with a partner, whether in the bedroom or the shower.

Unbound Gem: Double Ended, Body Safe, Glass Sensation Device

This little GEM in the mail

The Unbound Gem, priced at $34.00, has earned a perfect 5 out of 5 rating. Brianna Krupski was thrilled: “Got this little GEM in the mail and I love it!” Made from body-safe borosilicate glass, it’s both environmentally friendly and easy to clean—it’s even dishwasher safe!

Beautiful glass wand

CraftyNicoleH admired its aesthetics, stating, “This is my first glass piece and I have to say – it’s just beautiful!” The Gem features a sleek curved end and a beaded end, offering intense massaging sensations. It also allows for temperature play, adding an extra layer of excitement.

Versatile and perfect for massage exploration

Whether used alone or with Unbound’s other accessories, the Gem is a versatile addition to any collection. Its beautiful design and multifunctionality make it a standout choice for anyone looking to explore new sensations.

Double-Ended Dildos, Super Long Realistic Dildo for Anal Vagina Simulation, Flexible Double Sided Dong Adult Sex Toys for Women Lesbian

Can make love to your partner

At just $9.99, this double-ended dildo offers great value. Krissy highlighted its versatility, saying, “Great for couples, when the man likes his butt to be played with.” Made from soft and flexible TPE, this toy is safe and odorless, though it’s essential to avoid silicone-based lubricants.

Trying it out for romance

Eric found it a fun addition to his romantic activities: “Something different for romance.” The dildo’s realistic veins and head are designed to satisfy deep play, making it suitable for both beginners and advanced users.

Discreet packaging for privacy

The toy arrives in a discreet package, ensuring your privacy. However, Ammit L. Brooks cautioned about its material: “Made of TPE, so not body-safe. Please do research on body safe materials before buying items of this nature.” Despite these concerns, many users found it effective and enjoyable.

Double Ended Dildo 18.89 inch Dong Anal Beads with Veins and Glans for Vagina Anal Stimulation Double Side Penis Cock Massager Sex Toy for Lesbian Women Men Black TJIJP

The regular Strap-on-me is definitely the easiest to hold in place

This 18.89-inch double-ended dildo from TJIJP is designed for shared experiences. One reviewer found it easy to use, saying, “The regular Strap-on-me is definitely the easiest to hold in place.” Its flexible design allows for double penetration, making it ideal for pussy-to-ass and pussy-to-pussy play.

One end in his ass, the other in my pussy

The realistic dong features lifelike veins and glans, providing a substantial and satisfying fullness. One user shared their experience: “we did one end in his ass one the other in my pussy with him. It was pretty great.” This toy is made from non-toxic TPE, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience.

Discreet package for your privacy

The product arrives in a discreet package, keeping your purchase private. If you encounter any issues, TJIJP’s customer service promises a satisfying solution within 24 hours.

Silicone Double Ended Dildo Long Anal Plug, 3 Size Sets Flexible G-spot Curved Wand Butt Plug Stimulator with Novelties Fruits-Shaped, Pleasure Adult Sex Toys for Women and Lesbian Gay

Great for solo sessions or partnered adventures

For just $19.99, the Silicone Double Ended Dildo Long Anal Plug offers a unique experience for anyone looking to spice up their sex life. The 3-in-1 set comes in banana, cucumber, and eggplant shapes, all designed to hit those pleasure points effortlessly. Sarah from the U.S. gave it a glowing review, saying it was “made very well” and that she was thrilled with the quality. Another user, Mandi, mentioned that the variety in shapes made it easy to use, with the knobs on the ends adding an extra layer of fun.

Discreet packaging and easy cleaning

Privacy and hygiene are key. The waterproof design makes cleaning a breeze. The discreet packaging ensures your privacy is kept intact. Tracy Rayford praised its flexibility and ease of use, noting that it’s “great in the shower/bath.” However, Misty L Callow was less impressed, stating, “Not what we thought it was,” suggesting it might not be for everyone.

DOC JOHNSON – Crystal Jellies 18-inch Double Header Adult Toy

A favorite among experienced users

At $24.98, the DOC JOHNSON Crystal Jellies 18-inch Double Header is a hit among those who enjoy anal and vaginal penetration. Jonathan R. raved about its length and flexibility, saying it’s one of his favorite toys. He loves the sensation as “the last inch slowly slides inside,” making it a staple in his collection. Marc also praised its versatility, highlighting that it can be used in various positions, including cowgirl style and 69.

Great for couples and solo play

This product is made of body-safe, phthalate-free PVC, ensuring a safe experience. It’s long enough for dual penetration, making it perfect for couples. Amazon Customer mentioned it’s “perfect size for 2 women,” adding that it’s filling but soft. However, A. Fong found it impractical for regular use, noting its “peculiar, strong odor” that doesn’t go away easily. For those looking to upgrade from shorter models, this might be your next big thing.

11.8×1.3 in Double Dildo,Flexible Realistic Jelly Dildo for Lesbian Female Masturbation

Perfect fit and easy to use

Priced at $8.69, this flexible and realistic jelly dildo offers a budget-friendly option for those new to double-ended toys. John Doe found it to be a “perfect fit,” with accurate size and good girth. The dildo is made of soft TPE material, making it safe and comfortable for all users. Crimedage, however, thought it was “a tad too small,” highlighting that it might not meet everyone’s expectations.

Discreet delivery and flexible design

The dildo’s discreet packaging ensures privacy, and its flexible design allows it to bend at any angle. Jim Helmericks appreciated its functionality, stating it “works well.” On the flip side, Donnie was less impressed, saying it wasn’t as girthy as he had hoped. If you’re looking for a flexible and affordable option, this might be worth considering.

Double Ended Dildo Metal Massage G-spot Stimulate Anal Prostate Fetish Plug Masturbation Sex Toy for Couple – Small

Versatility and control

This metal double-ended dildo, priced at $19.99 for the small size, offers a unique experience with its curved design. It’s great for massaging the G-spot and prostate. The dual round heads provide different sensations, making it versatile for solo and couple play. One user mentioned using a harness with strapless strap-ons, adding that it allows both partners to feel penetration and have control.

Easy to clean and high quality

Made from high-quality zinc alloy, this dildo is both durable and easy to clean. A user recommended finding one with a “softer grade of silicone” for a more enjoyable feel. The product’s easy cleaning process ensures it’s always ready for action. If you’re looking for a durable and versatile toy, this might be the one for you.

MATATA Crystal Jellies-Realistic Double Dong Adult Dildo Sex Toys for Lesbian Waterproof Flexible Dildo for Women Vaginal G-spot and Anal Play

Exactly as advertised

For $13.99, the MATATA Crystal Jellies double dong offers a realistic experience with its lifelike heads and veined shaft. Aaron Grimes praised it for being “exactly as advertised,” making it a great starter toy. Abs was initially skeptical but found it to be “awesome” after using it, appreciating its moderate thickness and flexibility.

Perfect for deep penetration

This 13-inch dildo is perfect for those seeking fullness during vaginal or anal play. Drema Patissery noted that the toy is great for beginners and suggested paying extra for gift wrap if discreet packaging is important. Manuel A. Sanchez Piedra found the quality “phenomenal,” making it a reliable choice for anyone looking to explore deeper sensations.

Double Ended Dildo, 17 in Super Long Double Dong, Flexible Realistic Double-Sided Dildo Penis, Sex Toys for Couple Men Women Lesbian Gay Play/Skin Tones

Dual pleasure, double fun

The 17-inch Double Ended Dildo offers a versatile experience for solo or partner play. With one end for vaginal penetration and the other for anal stimulation, this toy promises double the fun. However, reviews are mixed. One user raved, “Filled both ends at the same time,” while another warned, “It’s bent and ridiculously small, unusable.”

Flexible fun, but not for everyone

Made from soft and flexible TPE, this double-ended dildo is skin-friendly but has its critics. One review mentioned it “did not meet the size as advertised,” being only 13 inches instead of the promised 17. So, double-check those measurements before buying.

19.3“ Double Ended Anal Dildo, Flexible Silicone Dual Dildos Anal G spot Stimulator Adult Sex Toys for Lesbian, Women Couples and Man

Long and bendy

This 19.3-inch double-ended anal dildo is a hit for its flexibility and unique texture. A reviewer noted, “The color is vivid, it’s soft and very flexible!” However, it’s not for beginners. Another user mentioned, “The spikes will hit the right spot, over and over.”

Unique, but maybe too much

While many found it exciting, some found it impractical. One user said, “Not functional as an adult toy, but really nice as a fidget toy.” So, if you’re adventurous, this might be for you. But if you want something straightforward, think twice.

SXOVO Double-Ended Dildo with Ball, Ten Vibration Modes Sex Toys Dildo Massager Adult Sex Toys

Vibration excitement

The SXOVO Double-Ended Dildo with Ball offers ten vibration modes for varied experiences. One buyer said, “Nice shape could be a little longer,” but also mentioned issues with durability, “Button broke after first use.”

Not for everyone

Reviews are mixed, with one user stating, “Not meant for anal!” and another saying, “does not recharge the battery.” It’s versatile but has its flaws. Consider these before making a decision.

Double Ended Vibrator Vibrating Ball Egg with 12 Vibrations for Women G-spot, Headed Dildo Bullet Vibrator, Rechargeable Penetration Anal Prostate Adult Sex Toy, Purple, 1.0 Count

Dual motor fun

This double-ended vibrator comes with 12 vibration modes for a customizable experience. One user noted, “This toy features a powerful bullet vibe on either end.” However, another mentioned, “Defective.”

Mixed reviews

While some found it “a fun and pleasing experience,” others found it lacking, “way too floppy.” If you’re into experimentation, this might be worth a try, but it’s not universally loved.

Strapless Strap-On Dildo, Double-Ended Dildo G Spot Vibrator with 7 Vibrating Modes, Remote Control Silicone Clitoral Stimulator Double Sided Dildo Lesbian Sex Toys for Woman Couples Pleasure

Remote control fun

This strapless strap-on dildo offers seven vibrating modes and comes with a remote control for easy use. One user shared, “Was great fun with my friend and we both enjoyed it very much!”

Perfect for couples

With its three powerful motors and soft silicone material, it’s designed for both partners. The remote control function adds a fun element, making it a hit among users. “Excellent product!” another review stated.

Stainless Steel Dildo Massage Wand, Handheld Anal Probe Metal Anal Butt Plug Masturbation Pleasure Stick Anus Stimulation Sex Toy for Men Women and Couple (Large)

Smooth surface cool to the touch

This Stainless Steel Dildo Massage Wand by PIDOIM is a sleek, silver beauty that promises an all-encompassing experience. Crafted from premium stainless steel, its smooth surface provides a cool touch, perfect for those craving a sense of fullness and exploring their body’s limits. One user mentioned, “The Strap-on-me ones are the only ones that look like they could plausibly work with my anatomy,” highlighting the wand’s adaptable design.

Dual round ends bring mystery and pleasure

The wand features dual round ends of different sizes, delivering various sensations to keep things exciting. Perfect for everything from foreplay to BDSM, it offers intense G-spot and prostate stimulation. Another user appreciated the versatility, noting that the variety of shapes and sizes available in such toys ensures there’s something for everyone. With dimensions of 9.25 x 1.96 x 1.96 inches, this wand is a versatile addition to any collection.

Perfect for temperature play

Ideal for temperature play, the wand can be heated or cooled with water, enhancing the sensory experience. It’s a great gift for yourself or your partner, adding an extra dimension to intimacy. Another reason to opt for this wand is the control and stability it provides. One user expressed a preference for a Feeldoe with a harness, saying, “I can’t use a regular strap-on anymore because I can’t ‘feel’ what I’m doing like with the Feeldoe.”

Realistic Double Dildo Massive Anal Plugs with Suction Cup Penis Cock G-Spot Massage Butt Plug Large Anal Sex Toys for Advanced Players Sex Factory (Black)

Big, black, and real-feeling

Sex Factory’s Realistic Double Dildo is a black, PVC marvel designed for advanced players. Two penises stick together to form a huge G-spot dildo, featuring raised blood vessels, simulated glans, and balls for a real sex experience. One reviewer said, “It’s nice,” but another warned, “The suction cup is terrible. It wants to twist to find the path of least resistance.”

Flexible and intense

Firm yet flexible, this dildo allows for easy posture and angle changes, offering intense, realistic penetration. Another user noted, “It’ll stretch your hole(s) vertically more than horizontally,” sharing their satisfaction with the product. With a suction cup base, it promises hands-free fun, although opinions vary on its effectiveness. For an intense experience, this dildo is a solid choice.

Double-Ended Dildo Flexible Realistic Jelly Dildos Dong for Anal Play G-spot Stimulator Sex Toys for Women Lesbians, 15-inch

Double the fun

Jinmoky’s Double-Ended Dildo is a flexible, 15-inch jelly toy in a vibrant purple. Made from Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE), it’s safe and odorless. A reviewer praised it, stating, “It came as pictured and the quality is amazing!” The double-ended design is perfect for sharing with a partner or experimenting with double penetration.

Realistic details

This dildo features lifelike veins and ridges, enhancing the realism. One user mentioned, “I bought this with the express intent of only using it with my partner, and it is amazing for that!” It’s also waterproof, making it easy to clean and great for shower play. Whether you’re using it solo or with a partner, this dildo promises satisfaction.

Romi Vibrating Double-Ended Dildos, Multi Speed Dual Penetration Sex Toys with Lifelike Glans Veins and Anal Beads, G-spot Massager for Women

Dual stimulation with a twist

Romi’s Vibrating Double-Ended Dildo offers dual stimulation with its multi-speed vibrations. Made from TPE, it features a realistic dildo on one end and anal beads on the other. Despite its clever design, the product has mixed reviews. One user noted, “This thing smells like a skunk and doesn’t power on,” highlighting some quality control issues.

Step-less speed change design

The dildo’s step-less speed change design allows for customizable pleasure. However, another user pointed out the lack of instructions, saying, “There are a lot of reviews complaining about not working.” While some find it a great addition to their sex life, others have had less satisfactory experiences. It’s affordable, but consider the mixed feedback before purchasing.

Glass Double Ended Dildo, Crystal Penis Cock Dong Anal Butt Plug Pleasure Wand with Blue Spiral for Men Women Stimulation

Smooth, silky, and safe

Sexbaby’s Glass Double-Ended Dildo is a clear, elegant toy with a blue spiral design. Made from hypoallergenic glass, it offers a silky smooth experience without any cracks or sharp points. A reviewer shared, “Perfect size, perfect curve, she absolutely loves it!” This double-ended pleasure wand is ideal for those seeking a luxurious feel.

Temperature play and better sexual experience

Suitable for temperature play, this glass dildo can be heated or cooled with water for added stimulation. Pair it with lubricant for a more comfortable and pleasurable experience. The discreet packaging ensures privacy, and the company offers excellent customer service. Whether you’re a man, woman, gay, or lesbian, this crystal glass dildo promises to elevate your sex life.

Realistic Double-Ended Dildo, Soft Double Sided Dildos Waterproof with Curved Shaft Adult Toy for Women/Men/Gay Flesh

Not what I expected

For those curious about the Realistic Double-Ended Dildo from suceakur, it might be a mixed bag. Priced at $18.68, this flesh-colored dildo offers a firm yet flexible experience. It’s waterproof and easy to clean, thanks to its soft PTE material. But the reviews? CynicalWolfie said, “This seems WAY too small on both ends,” and warned that it’s more suited for self DP rather than multi-player fun. If you’re looking for something thicker, this might not be your best bet.

Discreet but not satisfying

Despite its discreet packaging, many found the size disappointing. CynicalWolfie added, “If you have a tiny snatch or your partner has a tiny dong then have at it,” but if you prefer something bigger, this might fall short. At only 2 out of 5 stars from one review, it’s clear this product didn’t meet expectations for many. It’s also worth mentioning that the product is easy to clean with soapy water or toy cleaner, which is always a plus.

2-Piece Crystal Pink and Clear Glass Dildo Set – Double-Ended Curved Anal Plug and Beads with Handles

Premium product

The 2-Piece Crystal Pink and Clear Glass Dildo Set from ASNOKNAE is a true standout. Priced at $24.37, this set has earned a stellar 4.5 out of 5 stars from four ratings. The set includes a pink dildo with a rounded tip and raised dots for added texture, and a longer clear dildo with a bubbly bead-style design. Jeremy Jacobs praised it as a “premium product,” noting its immaculate craftsmanship and perfect size for backdoor play.

Not comfy, don’t feel good

Reviews are mostly positive, but not everyone was thrilled. Melissa Copeland mentioned, “It’s not comfortable at all BUT what do you expect for something that’s not real.” Yet, others like Decade found it “very good” and appreciated the smooth glass surface. The set is also versatile for temperature play, allowing you to heat or cool the dildos for a more realistic experience.

Discreet packaging

Discreet packaging ensures privacy, which is important for many buyers. This set also comes with a reusable storage bag. While some prefer silicone toys for their feel, the glass dildos’ smoothness and design make them a popular choice for those seeking varied sensations.

Realistic Dildo for Lesbian, 13.2 Inch Double Sided Dildo for Women

Big boy here

The Realistic Dildo for Lesbian by MATATA is a flexible, 13.2-inch double dong designed for both vaginal and anal play. Priced at $14.99, it has a 3.8 out of 5-star rating from 38 reviews. Lucian guiu raves about it, calling it a “big boy” with “plenty to work with.” The green TPE material is smooth and body-safe, making it a solid choice for those seeking fullness.

Omg the package!!!

One downside? According to Faith Rosenblatt, “they literally packaged it in a CLEAR BAG!!!” causing some awkward moments with neighbors. Despite this packaging mishap, the dildo is praised for its flexibility and realistic design. It’s also waterproof and easy to clean, perfect for bath or shower fun.

Check the circumference

Terrill Tyler advises to “check the circumference to make sure it is the size you are expecting,” highlighting that the dildo might be thinner than anticipated. However, many find it enjoyable, with kharris stating, “It is worth it!! Love how it feels!”

Double Ended Dildo Clear Realistic Dildo, Anal Dildo with Internal Bendable Stand

Great size soft and flexible

The Double Ended Dildo by Sexchemist brings versatility to the table with its internal bendable stand. Priced at $17.99, this clear dildo has a 4.1 out of 5-star rating from 28 reviews. Alvin praises its “great size, soft and flexible” nature, making it perfect for various angles and positions.

This thing is awesome!

Humberto Gutierrez finds it “awesome” for its ability to be shaped and bent in any way desired. Made of safe TPE material with a metal bracket inside, it’s designed for durability and comfort. The product is also easy to clean and 100% waterproof, ensuring hassle-free maintenance.

Double the fun

Many reviewers, including Itsroyalbabi, love that it “can be enjoyed by me and my partner together.” This feature makes it appealing for couples looking to explore new dimensions in their sex life. The discreet packaging also ensures privacy, a crucial factor for many buyers.

13 Inch Double Ended Dildos, Liquid Silicone Double Head Dildo Realistic G Spot Double Dong Penis Anal Vagina Prostate Massager

Different stimulation happiness

The 13 Inch Double Ended Dildo from Laxxodoi, priced at $17.69, offers a unique experience with its different head designs on each end. Made from high-quality liquid silicone, it’s soft, flexible, and waterproof. Reviews highlight the variety it brings to the bedroom, with one user mentioning, “variety is the spice of life.”

Like they’re made to give a UTI

A user shared an anecdote about exploring different types of dildos and noted that some designs seem like they’re “made to give a UTI.” However, the Laxxodoi dildo’s design aims to provide safe and pleasurable experiences, ensuring both anal and vaginal stimulation. The discreet packaging is another plus, ensuring privacy during delivery.

Dual stimulation

The Laxxodoi dildo is comparable to the Sexchemist Double Ended Dildo, offering dual stimulation. While some may find this challenging due to anatomical differences, it’s designed to “hit two points at once,” potentially offering a more comprehensive and satisfying experience.

Blue Swirl Rock Hard Large Double-Ended Glass Dildo Huge Double Head Dildo Crystal Female Masturbator (9.8′)

It’s exactly what I was looking for

The Blue Swirl Rock Hard Large Double-Ended Glass Dildo is a stunner at 9.8 inches long and made from borosilicate glass. This beauty is perfect for those who crave a girthy challenge. Josie, a satisfied user, said, “It’s exactly what I was looking for: glass, girthy, two size options, curved, pretty.” The product features a dual-ended design, making it versatile for different forms of solo or partnered play.

Will now take a day off from bigger toys

Imagine a temperature-sensitive toy that can give you a dual experience of ice and fire. Lance J. Cozad shared his excitement, “Big end is just beyond my capacity for now but the challenge looming gives me happy shivers.” This toy also offers easy cleaning—just run it under water with soap. However, Nicky warns users to check for chips before using it, as he found tiny chips that could be hazardous.

One end is substantially larger than the other end

Ben highlighted how this toy stands out, particularly for those who love a substantial size difference between the ends. He mentioned, “My wife loves that she can feel all of the ridges. Super stiff obviously.” Remember to lube up well, as this hefty toy has a large head that requires extra care during insertion.

SXOVO Metal Double-Ended Dildo Anal Butt Plug Double Head Dildo Realistic Penis G-spot Stimulator Big Dildo Adult Sex Toys for Men Women Lesbian Gay

Loved it and enjoyed seeing me filled

The SXOVO Metal Double-Ended Dildo is crafted from stainless steel, making it durable and long-lasting. One user’s husband found it particularly arousing, stating he “loved it” and enjoyed “seeing me filled and being pleasured to the max.” This toy offers a dual-head design with one end smooth and the other textured for varied stimulation.

A perfect compromise dildo

This dildo is not just about the sensation; it also excels in visual stimulation. One user mentioned, “Wetforher has a kind of compromise dildo which pleasures both partners but doesn’t penetrate both.” The stainless steel material adds a weighted sensation, enhancing the overall experience. Plus, it’s easy to clean—just hand wash it and you’re good to go.

Double Ended Realistic G Spot Dildo 7.87 Inch Clear Glass Penis with Different Size Ends Double Wand Adult Sex Toy for Men Women Lesbian Gay

Great quality, super smooth

The Double Ended Realistic G Spot Dildo stands at 7.87 inches and is made of clear glass, making it both visually appealing and functional. Elocin13 praised its quality, saying, “Great quality, super smooth, and a nice weighty feeling without being overwhelming.” One end is for beginners, and the other is for experts, making it versatile for various levels of experience.

Let me speechless

Dana F. couldn’t contain her excitement, stating, “This one is amazing! Let me speechless.” The glass material is perfect for temperature play, offering the possibility of heating or cooling for extra stimulation. Ashli Z. also recommended it, especially for those who haven’t tried glass before, saying, “Do yourself a favor and buy it.”

Double Ended Dildo 18.89 inch Dong Anal Beads with Veins and Glans for Anal Vagina Stimulation Double Side Penis Cock Massager Sex Toy for Lesbian Men Women Purple TJIJP

Fool us twice, shame on us

The Double Ended Dildo 18.89 inch Dong offers an impressive length for those looking to share with a partner. Erok X, however, warned, “This is the second of these toys my girlfriend and I have tried… The anal beads break.” This toy features realistic veins and glans on one end and anal beads on the other for a varied experience.

Shaped like a horseshoe out of the box

R. C. was less than impressed, noting, “Item is coming apart and has not even been used yet. Cheap crap.” The toy is made from Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) and is designed to be flexible yet firm. However, it seems the quality might not meet everyone’s expectations.

11 Inch Large Dildo with Anal Beads, Crystal Glass Double Ended Dildo Pleasure Wand Massage Dildo Realistic Penis for Vaginal G-spot and Anal Play Lesbian

I really love the cool touch of glass dildos

The 11 Inch Large Dildo with Anal Beads offers versatile pleasure with its dual-ended design. Zoey Coley loved its material, saying, “Not the biggest fan of silicone toys as they irritate me so very happy with this glass dildo.” This toy is perfect for both vaginal and anal play, featuring one end with anal beads and the other designed for G-spot stimulation.

Both feel incredible

Wikiwah was pleasantly surprised by the toy’s size and versatility, mentioning, “This glass beauty took me by surprise in that it is much bigger than I expected, girth wise.” The high-quality glass allows for easy cleaning and temperature play, making it a great addition to any collection. Cindy also praised its appearance and functionality, stating, “It’s beautiful, glass, and such a good size!”

9.2′ Pink Double Ended Glass Dildo Big Crystal Masturbator Penis G-spot Stimulator with Anal Bead Butt Plug

It’s easy to clean, the glass is nice and smooth

This 9.2-inch pink double-ended glass dildo from Epichao is a real gem. Made from borosilicate glass, it’s designed for both pleasure and durability. The smooth texture makes it a dream to clean, and it’s also waterproof, so feel free to take it into the shower for some steamy fun. One happy user mentioned, “It’s easy to clean, the glass is nice and smooth. It feels good!”

Good for temperature changes

The glass material is perfect for those who enjoy temperature play. You can heat it up or cool it down for added sensation. A reviewer noted, “Good for temperature changes. Nice and smooth. Cleaning is very easy.” This toy’s dual-ended design, with one side featuring a glans and the other spiral textures, ensures you get double the pleasure.

Five stars as an object of art

Interestingly, some users even consider it a piece of art. One reviewer shared, “We thought it might be pretty, and it exceeds our expectations as a beautiful art object.” So, not only does it serve its primary purpose well, but it also adds a touch of elegance to your collection.

15 Inch Double Ended Realistic Dildo Anal Long Soft Dildos for Lesbian, Anal Butt Plug Flexible Gradient Jelly Sex Toys Dildos for Men Women Couple OLDCACGO

Smooth with light squish

If you’re craving dual stimulation, this 15-inch double-ended jelly dildo by OLDCACGO might be your new best friend. Made from Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE), it’s soft yet durable. One reviewer said, “This is a well-made TPE toy. The textures are subtle but noticeable with an otherwise smooth outside.”

Realistic double-ended dildo jelly double dong

The lifelike glans and veins are designed to hit all your sweet spots. Its flexibility allows for various uses, from vaginal and anal stimulation to partnered play. A user noted, “This is a very thick toy at 1.7 inches wide. The toy seems well made, without casting flaws, and does not have obvious chemical scents.”

Discreet package

Privacy is a priority, and OLDCACGO ensures it with discreet packaging. If you have any questions, they promise to respond within 24 hours. This dildo is especially suited for advanced players, given its size and versatility.

16.5′ Double Ended Dildo Double Sided Dildo for Lesbian Bottom Realistic Long Dildo Double Dildo for Women Men Lesbian Sex Toys Anal Toys Glow in The Dark Dildo for G-spot Fantasy Dildo Anal Dildo

Great glow! Great length!

This 16.5-inch double-ended dildo from Laphwing is made from premium silicone and glows in the dark, adding a fun twist to your playtime. One user exclaimed, “Me and my partner thoroughly enjoyed this with our heavy black lights on! Tickles just the right spots…”

So much fun!

Its flexible material allows for various uses, including simultaneous vaginal and anal stimulation. Additionally, the lifelike glans and ribbed design ensure you’re hitting all the right spots. “Good quality! Lots of fun!” shared another happy customer.

Great toy!!

The dildo’s length and girth make it perfect for those looking for a bit more intensity. As one reviewer put it, “The best toy my girlfriend and I own. We both love that it glows in the dark! You won’t be disappointed.”

Large Clear Double Ended Glass Dildo Double Side Crystal Penis G-spot Stimulator Female Masturbator (Medium)

Good product but my fault too big

Aptitan’s large clear double-ended glass dildo is a 10.2-inch long beauty made from borosilicate glass. It’s perfect for those who enjoy temperature play, as it can be heated or cooled. However, do check the size before purchasing. One user shared, “Top-notch product… Just way too big for me! Used once and done. Read the fine print before purchase.”

Perfect delivery, excellent packaging

The dildo is easy to clean and can be used in the shower or bath for added fun. The smooth glass texture ensures a pleasurable experience, and it’s safe for your body. “Perfect delivery, excellent packaging,” noted the same reviewer, emphasizing the quality of the product and its packaging.

Double Sided Realistic Dildo Sex Toys Two Ended Strapless Strap On Dildo Dual Headed Dong Plug Double Header Adult Sex Toy for Women

Don’t buy it, it doesn’t work

This double-sided realistic dildo by MINGKU is 10.63 inches long and made from TPR material. However, it has received mixed reviews. One user said, “I don’t like it at all it doesn’t work I don’t know why they invent that,” suggesting that it might not meet everyone’s expectations.


Another user found the material too stiff, making it difficult to use. “The material is super stiff, has almost no give at all, and is next to impossible to even insert,” they noted. This product might not be the best choice if you’re looking for flexibility and comfort.

If only it were silicone

Despite the negative reviews, some users found it usable with some adjustments. “The only thing I would change about this was the fact that it’s not silicone,” said one reviewer. They appreciated the flexibility and comfort once they got used to it.


From the powerful vibrations of the Vibrating Double Ended Dildo to the heavy-duty pleasure offered by the Adorime dildo vibrator, each toy brings something unique to the table. The 17.3-inch double-ended dildo stands out for its impressive length and realistic texture, while the Monster Double-Ended Dildo offers a unique experience with its tentacle and tongue design. For those who enjoy temperature play, the Glass Double-Ended Dildo provides that extra thrill. Each of these products caters to different needs and preferences, ensuring there’s something for everyone. Dive into a world of pleasure and find the perfect double-ended dildo to fulfill your deepest desires.