Is It Worth It to Lose Your Virginity in Your Twenties?

The question about virginity is a tough one, but everyone needs to understand that things are changing much faster than they used to just a few decades ago. In this day and age, many people are still virgins in their twenties. On the other hand, there are also young teens that don’t have a problem with losing virginity at a younger age. So, is it worth losing virginity in your 20s or not?

Views And Opinions About Virginity

The feeling of being left out as people talk about their sexual experiences can be challenging. It is a challenge because you don’t know what you are missing. Even though some lose their virginity with sex toys, they still make fun of those who haven’t had any type of sexual experience. 


Today’s culture makes people hurry into doing things. They rush into having sex to have a sexual experience so they can be a part of the “cool” group. It bothers people when you are a virgin in your twenties. People think they are the same and you should do as they have done.


Everyone has an opinion on when they should have sex for the first time. People are proud of their virginity, not because they don’t have boyfriends or girlfriends. It’s just that they are either waiting for the right person or the right time. 


It is your decision, and you should be comfortable with it. It is normal to be a virgin. Some people lost their virginity to sex toys in the pandemic because of peer pressure. Some have had sex for the first time with someone they don’t even know that well. It is because they don’t take virginity seriously. 


Being a virgin in your twenties can be a blessing in disguise even though you have not experienced much. It means that you get to experience sex when you’re with the right person and mature enough to know what you’re doing at that moment. That’s why losing virginity guides have become so popular lately.


If it is the right moment, then you will remember the experience for life. Your friends might bug you about it, but they don’t know how romantic it will be for you.

When Do People Lose Their Virginity?

In most cases, when people lose their virginity, they have an initial plan of how it will happen. Some do this at a young age, and others late in their years. When it comes to losing virginity, there’s no right or wrong time. It’s not recommended for underage teens to have sex, so losing virginity in your 20s could be a good time.


Whether it’s by choice or circumstance, it can range from pride to lack of sexual interest. According to the CDC, the average age a person loses their virginity is 17 for men and women.  


As the age goes up, the percentage drops to 13.5 percent for virgins aged 20 to 24. There are still other individuals who are virgins at ages 40 and above. This statistic is for those who lose their virginity through penile-vaginal sex. The benefit of sex toys is that they can help you lose your virginity if you don’t want penile-vaginal sex.


The majority of people lose their virginity in their teens, around the age of 16 to 19. The rest fall in a minor category. At 25, it’s still early for some people, while for others, it is late to lose their virginity at 20.


What Causes People to Lose Their Virginity?

It is your choice to have sex. Roughly half of the virgins decide to lose virginity because they want to have the sexual experience. At that point, no one knows what it will be like after you have lost your virginity.


Other virgins have had sex because of peer pressure and because their friends have had sex before them. Not every friend is a good friend. Some of your friends who had sex can pressure you into having sex so that you can feel what it’s like. 


A minority of virgins decide to lose their virginity when they meet the right person. The feeling of finding the right person to be intimate with is the best feeling ever. To these people, the right person can provide a much better experience than having sex with someone you don’t have feelings for. 


You must be comfortable before you go about having sex. It’s your body, and that’s okay!

Should You Lose Your Virginity Too?

It is your choice to have sex and lose your virginity. Some people argue that losing virginity is only through penile-vaginal sex. Some losing virginity guides agree, and some don’t.


Try not to be tough on yourself. Remember, it’s your body, and you have control of what you want. You can decide whether you want intimate sex to bust the hymen or to use a sex toy. It is one of the benefits of sex toys. You can control what happens with your body, and you have full control of what happens.


Everyone has a reason as to why they lost their virginity or why they are keeping it. No judging! Some are excited to lose their virginity and feel good about it. Others have fears of how painful it’s going to be. The first time is always challenging, and no one knows what to expect when it comes to it. 


However, you might be missing out a lot if you are a virgin. Some say that when they lost their virginity at a late age, they didn’t have enough time to experience what they wanted. It can be challenging if your partner knows what they are doing and you are just there.

Is It Okay to Keep It Instead?

Yes! It is okay if you are a virgin. The only bad thing is having sex if you are not ready. Losing virginity has emotional and physical consequences. First-time sex is always a big deal. Most people plan for the occasion so that it is perfect.


It is okay to be a virgin in your twenties. It will help you be emotionally mature to handle your sex life when you get around to that. Most people decide to have sex for fun and don’t discover the emotions until after it.


It’s okay if you wait for the right person. Most people indulge in one-night stands and carry diseases from one person to another. Nobody knows where they got it. To some, this lowers their self-esteem. 


As a virgin in your twenties, the advantage is that you do not have the pressures of having sex regularly. You do not have to worry about birth control or getting pregnant, you have confidence in your body, high self-esteem, and there is no pressure in dating and having to face rejection.  


As a virgin, you can control the outcome of your night and sleep without worrying about the awkward morning you will have. 

A Little Bit of Assurance

As long as you are of age to have sex, it is okay if you decide to lose your virginity. There should be no judging. Virginity is not a prize. At some point, you will no longer be a virgin. 


There is no huge deal if you lose or keep your virginity. What matters the most is if you are ready to lose your virginity. And you have given consent to your partner, and both of you are comfortable with the process.


If you are ready to lose your virginity, ensure that you talk to your partner about it. You can decide what you want it to look like. It should be something that you are comfortable doing. Be sure of the aftermath and be ready that you might see things differently after losing your virginity. 


We all lose our virginity at some point in life. Whether you have it or not, it’s your choice. You should follow your path. Do not follow what others are doing. It is your decision, and it’s your body.