Who We Are

Twotwenty-one.com is nothing without our solid patrons, but these are the real MVPs who started it all! 

Mark Perez
Devirginized at 26.

He is one of the reasons why we are here. A success story indeed. The founders of earthwatercatalogue.net exerted a lot of effort equal to what he exerted, that made him our great product. Now, he wants to pay forward by being one of our advisers in earthwatercatalogue.net. 

Amy Scheen
Devirginized at 23

She was bullied in high-school for still being a virgin even after prom night. Her confidence declined and never really went out to see the real world before here. She wrote us a letter one day and committed to following all our pieces of advice until she achieved her coveted goal. Today, she works for us as a writer to produce amazing guidelines for everyone’s success.

Janfrey Ramos

Devirginized at 15

He knows what it felt like. He also knows that he did differently than others. So, he is one of our valuable contributors that had helped everyone in the team to connect to our thousands of readers daily. 

Your goal is our goal. Go beyond your comfort zone and do not be afraid as we are behind you!