Our Mission

Transcend Genre. Emphasize Consent. Start A Conversation.

At Two Twenty One, we seek to provide a platform for complex, critical, ongoing discussion of “Sexual Life” as it pertains to adult content production. The very concept of “twotwenty-one.com” is multifaceted and fluid. It is not easily defined. As such, we are gathering insights and statements from people throughout the adult industry. It is our hope that this diverse array of standpoints highlighting various issues relevant to the discussion of sexual life will start a conversation about erotica today — one that transcends notions of “correct” sexual expression or genre and emphasizes multifaceted standpoints, as well as consent.

None of the information on this site should be considered “official adult industry policy.” Each entry represents the views of its named authors only. This site’s contributors should not be considered the sum total of ethical people and/or entities in porn. This project is both new and ongoing and is still in the process of gathering statements from interested contributors. Contributing an articulation of one’s views regarding ethical porn on twotwenty-one.com should in no way be considered a crucial aspect of creating sexual adult content.

If you are a member of the adult industry and are interested in sharing your thoughts regarding sexual guides, please contact us.

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