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The Art Of Love And Sex
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One tuition is good for a Single person or a Couple!

Enjoy a free video preview. Lola and Donna were giving a webinar on how business, money and sex are related and how we often use similar energies and approaches to both. Excuse the odd feedback noises we encountered on this webinar–you’ll still get the vibe.

If you haven’t made lovemaking and tantric sex an important part of your spiritual path, what are you waiting for? How would it feel if your spiritual journey was as juicy and satisfying as it was profoundly deep?

  • Deep within your DNA there is a higher spiritual purpose for sex. Discover it!
  • Making love can light both of you up, heal, and rejuvenate you.
  • Claim your feminine or masculine power fully.
  • Experience blissful and even ecstatic energy and profound love and connection rather than just rubbing bodies together.
  • Age, fitness level, looks, penis size and hardness, or vaginal size and tightness don’t matter.
  • Erectile dysfunction or even physical disability are no longer an issue.
  • Because tantra doesn’t need kinkiness or novelty to keep  things fresh–you don’t get tired of your partner–ever! Your passionate love life actually grows deeper and more interesting as the years go by.

You and your partner will both LOVE it.
And many have attracted their ideal partner by enjoying and embodying the energies in this course.

Definition of tantric sex: Tantric sex uses energy as well as physical means to bring pleasure, love, presence, and deep lasting satisfaction to your sex life. It’s not so much where we touch and what we do as how we do it, the energy and intentions behind it, and how present and sensitive we are. Tantric sex is truly enlightened sex. It’s physical, but it’s far more than physical.

This online course is tasteful, high vibration, deeply spiritual, direct, real, and practical. It covers both conventional sex and tantric sex. This entire course was updated and enriched mid-2015 as Lola and her partner dived more deeply into tantra. Contains many more session audios now.

Tantric expands your ecstasy, opens your heart, nourishes your spirit, fulfills, and thrills you beyond imagining. It bonds you and your lover ever more deeply as it accelerates your spiritual awakening and evolution.

This Tantric online course exists in a powerful Two Twenty One’s energy vortex that taps you into Tantric bliss. If you’ve experienced Two Twenty One’s you know that we line up the non-physical energy, and physical manifestations follow. The Tantric energy in this retreat “works on you”–you don’t work on IT. You play with it, enjoy it, savor it, and look forward to the next play session.

Many of you “regulars” have already experienced how Two Twenty One catalyzed your spiritual enlightenment process without working on yourself, processing or analyzing. And for many of you Two Twenty One already breathed new life into your relationships.

Well, get ready for more, much more. This course is long, thorough, and self-paced. We suggest doing it slooooowly, just like we suggest trying sex sloooooowly.

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