Double Up the Fun Quotient With Amazing Double Dildos

Double dildos are dildos with two ends for penetration. The toy comes with molded head at both the ends and you can penetrate them both vaginally and anally together. If you have been using a regular dildo for a while, a double dildo will take the fun quotient just to the next level. It’s to stress here, double dildos are great both when flying solo or while using with your partner. In fact, double dildos are especially amazing for a lesbian couple as they enable both the partners to explore the joy of penetration.

Are you all charged up to explore double dildo play in your intimate sessions? That’s cool and the post below offers some hot tips to enjoy the toy to the T.


You can do it in two positions- lying down and sitting up.

Let’s start with the first position. So, lie down on back on your bed. You may put a cushion under hips for comfort. Then, spread the legs wide. Take your dildo and insert one of the ends into your vagina. Hold the other end tight and control the thrust inside you. You can also choose to insert the other end into your anus. But, to do that, you need to be seasoned with anal sex or anal penetration with a dildo.

The other way is to enjoy the double dildo in a cowgirl position, i.e. while sitting up. For that, you will first have to bend the toy into “U” shape. Then, you will rest the dildo against a solid surface in such a way that both the ends face upwards. When the scene is all set, simply squat over the two ends and use hands to guide one end into vagina and the other into anus. Now, just keep on bouncing on your dildo to enjoy a titillating double penetration.

Partner on top

Now, this tip is especially for the lesbian couples.

One partner will lie down on her back while the other will sit up. In other words, one partner will take the dildo lying down while the other would perform a cowgirl play with the same dildo. So, lie down on your back with legs spread wide. Now, your partner will hold the dildo tight and squat over one end of the toy. Then, she will penetrate you with the other end. Tell her to come closer and bounce on the toy. Her thrusts will also enjoy you to enjoy powerful thrusts inside. And, with your partner sitting up, her hands will be free to explore and pamper your other body parts.

One-to-one face off

First, both of you should sit down comfortably on your bed. It’s better to try the position on bed than on sofa as you will need a wider surface area for it. Sit in such a way so that both of you can face one another. Now, bring yourselves onto feet and hands in semi-crab posture. After that, slid one end of the dildo into you and another into your partner. It’s more of like the act mentioned above; the only difference here is the change of position of both the partners. Then, intertwine the legs and get closer to each other. Both of you have to thrust back and forwards constantly to enjoy the blow inside.

Lubrication is a must

Lubrication is vital for any dildo you use and in any position. For those uninitiated to toy play, you can’t just penetrate the dildo the moment you take it out of its box.  Your first task here is to lube it up. You will not only lube up the toy but also the area where you will insert it. If you will be using both the ends together, you must lube up both the ends.

There are plenty of lubes available in the current market in various materials. Of all of them, water-based and silicone-based lubes are the best options. However, you have to keep in mind the very material of the toy before you apply lubricant on it. For example, if it’s a silicone toy, silicone lube is a strict “No”.

Other safety tips

Use condom

A lot of people don’t bother about it but if you are serious about your safety, condom is a must. You will get advanced thin condoms today so there will be no compromise on the fun factor. Condom is especially important if you have plans to share your dildo with your partner. You two may wish to interchange the ends of the dildo sometimes. In that case, just remove the existing condom and replace with a fresh one before handing the end to your partner.

Clean thoroughly

You should also make sure to clean the toy thoroughly after and before each session. In most of the cases, a wipe with soapy water will do. However, you will also get toy cleaners today that are especially made for adult toys like double dildo. If adult toys are quite a part of your intimate sessions, you should think of investing in a good adult toy cleaner. Make sure to follow manufacturer’s instructions regarding cleaning the toy. A branded double dildo will usually come with manufacture’s manual.

Proper storage

Do not put the dildo back in your closet when it is still wet.  A wet double dildo will retain moisture which will lead to the unwanted growth of mold and mildew over time. You have to dry it up properly before you put it back. But, do not use your hair dryer here. Just leave the toy for air-dry. After it has dried up properly, you can store it in a cool place inside your closet.

Double dildo is always great fun. If you want to add more spice to your dildo play, you may try out other kinds of sex toys alongwith. Nipple clamps would make a great addition no doubt. If you are into light kink, you can make your partner wear a BDSM collar during penetration.


Lastly, carefully choose where you get your double dildos to ensure your safety. One of the stores that we highly recommend is lovegasm, because they have high-quality products, and we have tested most of their products and lived up to our expectations.